West Midlands by-election

A by-election for the police and crime commissioner for the West Midlands will take place on
August 21.


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Liberal Democrats

Force area:
West Midlands

Ayoub Khan

Election statement:

Ayoub Khan is a barrister who grew up in Aston and who has nearly ten years experience working for integration, crime reduction and community policing as a Lib Dem councillor in Birmingham. Ayoub retrained as a lawyer after rushing to help a man who was shot and badly wounded yards from his home in 2002.


“The PCC should be a responsible champion of public opinion. The decisions should be driven by consultation, not political dogma. The community first approach of the Liberal Democrats suits the role. I want to be a People’s Commissioner, meeting residents, hearing their concerns. From Wolverhampton to inner Birmingham, from Coventry to Meriden, local views count.”


“I will leave no stone unturned to search for savings, and I’ll talk to frontline constables for their views. But if it is clear the remit for our force cannot be met, then I will challenge the government on the funding settlement.”


“I oppose the privatisation deal the force has been exploring. The risks are too great.”


“The £100k salary the Tories want to give this job is ridiculous. I will halve the salary and ensure the rest goes to front line policing.

“We need to prevent crime, protect public and property but also re-assure people, especially the vulnerable. Crime is still too high and the fear of crime can restrict people’s daily life.”


“The current response time of 15 minutes is much more than fire or ambulance. Where commanders believe it is safe, there is scope to despatch officers singly to 999 calls rather than in pairs to allow a five minute target response time in town centres.”

Published by M. Yaseen of 3 Willes Road, Birmingham B18 4PZ election agent for Ayoub Khan, Liberal Democrats.


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