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Campaign to Stop Politicians Running Policing

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David Bowles

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I will put the public’s interest first and not those of a political party.  I am not a politician and have not accepted donations for my campaign.  Having been Chief Executive of Lincolnshire County Council I am the only candidate with experience of leading complex organisations and a proven track record of challenging corruption.

 I am unashamedly ‘tough on crime’ because there has been a 3 fold increase in people with 15 or more convictions appearing in court in the last 10 years.  Our politicians have allowed:

  • 25% of community service orders to be breached;  
  • £60m of fines to be written-off;
  • 55% of those tagged to defy the terms;
  • prison sentencing to be determined by the number of places, rather than keeping us safe;
  • our borders to be unprotected;

 I will work to reverse the trends of the past 30 years and strengthen successful programmes to prevent crime in the first place.

 I will :

  •  seek tougher sanctions for repeat offenders;
  • tackle concerns about visible policing introducing community based special constables with the power of arrest;
  • strengthen support for Neighbourhood Watch;
  • campaign to give powers to councils to actually ban street drinking;
  • seek tough minimum sentences for drug dealing and possession of weapons;
  • campaign for tougher border controls;
  • rebalance the justice system to favour victims;
  • make the police, and their contractor, G4S more efficient and accountable to you.

 Lincolnshire’s police are appallingly funded – the worst in the country.  Our politicians have done little to redress this. I have delivered a protest to No.  10 and started a campaign for fair funding with other rural forces.  This is an example of the strong leadership I will bring.

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 Prepared by David Bowles 46, Scothern Lane, Sudbrooke LN22QJ acting as his own Election Agent.

 Contact Details :- or by phone 07774-224246 or 01522-753996