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Welsh Labour/Llafur Cymru

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Hamish Sandison

Election statement:

Paul Murphy MP describes Hamish Sandison as having “the legal skills, the political experience, the business acumen, and the personal gravitas to make a very formidable Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent”.  

As Labour’s candidate, Hamish is campaigning against the Tory-led Coalition Government’s 20% cuts in police budgets, which he believes are putting community safety at risk by taking police officers off the streets.   He opposes police station closures in Gwent, and the privatisation of police services.   He supports Unison’s campaign against sacking custody detention staff in police stations and removing police officers from the front line to replace them.  

If elected, Hamish is committed to ensuring that Gwent Police delivers our local priorities

  • neighbourhood policing;
  • visible policing;
  • bearing down on the perpetrators of crime and anti-social behaviour; 
  • tackling the scourge of drug and alcohol misuse; 
  • putting the victims of crime first, especially the victims of domestic violence and hate crime;  and
  • acting to secure greater peace of mind for our older people.  

Hamish will work in partnership with the Welsh Government in Cardiff, with local government in Gwent and with the voluntary sector to make our communities safer.

As Gwent’s Commissioner, Hamish will be a powerful advocate of the people’s priorities.   He has promised that there will be no major changes to local policing without proper public consultation.   And he has signed a pledge to protect the police from political interference.

Hamish is a solicitor by profession.   He has lived near Usk for nearly 25 years, fought Monmouth for Labour in the 2010 General Election, and has held senior positions in the Labour Party, including 6 years as a member of Labour’s Crime & Justice Policy Commission.   

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