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The elections took place on 15th November. Find out who has been elected as police and crime commissioner in your area by searching below or see a full list of elected candidates.


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Jane Kennedy

Election statement:

This is an important election to decide who will hold the Police to account and decide their priorities. The Police are facing massive cuts to their budget from the Tory/Lib Dem Government. By next April there will be 600 fewer police officers working on Merseyside as a result.

If you vote Labour, Jane will: -

  • Stand up for our communities against the Tory/Lib Dem cuts to policing and the loss of over 600 police officers in Merseyside.
  • Keep police and PCSOs on the beat with neighbourhood policing, not hand it over to private companies.
  • Target gun, gang and violent crime as a top priority.
  • Back a strong and swift response to anti-social behaviour.
  • Forge better co-operation between the police and other agencies who share the responsibility for delivering safer communities.

Jane has vast experience and has both the skills and determination to be a successful Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside:

  • Jane was Britain’s first woman Security Minister with responsibility for Policing in Northern Ireland.
  • Jane was the first woman ever to hold Ministerial office in the Lord Chancellor’s department with responsibility for magistrates, the judiciary and family law policy.
  • Jane has been a Member of Parliament in Merseyside from 1992-2010 and has the experience to fight for local communities in the county.
  • Jane was a Government Minister from 1997-2010 serving in six departments so she is experienced in administration.

Jane is committed to achieving the best for Merseyside Police and the communities they serve.

Merseyside needs a plan to cut crime, not the police and help her to do that by supporting Jane Kennedy on the 15th November.

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Promoted by Barrie Grunewald on behalf of Jane Kennedy at 108 Prescot Road, Liverpool, L7 0JA