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The elections took place on 15th November. Find out who has been elected as police and crime commissioner in your area by searching below or see a full list of elected candidates.


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Jim MacArthur

Election statement:

Policing is a complex business and Northamptonshire Police a large organisation. To be successful the Police and Crime Commissioner will need a multiplicity of qualities and experience. At the very least these should include those of Police service and Senior Management in a similarly large organisation.

I have been dedicated to fighting crime all my working life and held senior positions in Police Services. In addition for over 25 years I was the senior Executive responsible for UK and International Security on a world wide scale for two major UK companies, both far larger than  Northamptonshire Police Service. I was a member of the European Airport and Seaport Police Association and attended EU security committee meetings. A paper I wrote on policing was the basis for EU legislation.  Until last August, when I resigned to stand in this election, I was a Special Constable with Northamptonshire Police

I am standing as a UK Independence Party Candidate, however, I am not accepting any party funding. I have made it clear that as Police and Crime Commissioner, I will not permit political considerations to play any part in my decision making.

It is difficult to give a full detailed list of priorities in this short address. By consulting my website however, you will see I intend to liaise with the relevant agencies to investigate the underlying causes of :

  • Violent Crime,
  • Domestic Abuse,
  • Drunkenness,
  • Anti Social Behaviour
  • Drug Related Offences.

I shall also be promoting a very robust attitude by our Police service towards the behaviour of those criminal elements which blight our society and impact so adversely on the lives of law abiding citizens.

I am my own election Agent & have prepared this address. I can be contacted at Hillview House, Flore,  Northants, NN7 4LW