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Labour Party Candidate

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Paul Gleeson

Election statement:


I am Paul Gleeson and I’m a councillor in Boston where I have lived for ten years. 

A common theme of the concerns raised as I campaign, is how policing no longer meets or listens to local needs.  Nobody talks to me about murder, fraud or robbery, they’re concerned about the issues that affect them every day, anti-social behaviour, drunks keeping them awake, vandalism, people urinating in the streets.  Whilst the police rightly have to deal with serious crime, it is this steady stream of anti-social behaviour that makes their lives a misery.  The great opportunity open to an elected PCC is to enable true community involvement in the way policing is delivered in their area. 

I am standing for PCC as I am convinced that by applying Labour values of strong community and decency to the development of Lincolnshire’s policing plan, we can have a plan that is truly inclusive of all communities, that recognises the rights and as importantly the responsibilities of all of us to ensure our communities’ safety.  If elected I promise to not only listen but to hear what is being said.

I will deliver a policing plan that

  • Protects children and the most vulnerable
  • Protects victims and witnesses
  • Enables local people to work actively with the police to ensure that their communities are safe and secure.
  • Recognises the differing needs of urban and rural areas
  • Protects frontline services
  • Maintains a fully functional police station with custody suite in centralLincoln.
  • Scrutinises thoroughly G4S’s involvement in the policing of the county.

The needs and opinions of young people are often overlooked; I will seek to create the role of a Young Police and Crime Commissioner to assist in engaging with young people.

Prepared by Paul Kenny, Election Agent of 17 Bradford Road, Boston PE21 8BJ

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