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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.


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Andy Canning
Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat

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Andrew James Canning

Election statement:

I am standing in this election because I can make a difference. I can help stop young people getting into crime, can help stop first-time offenders from becoming life-time criminals and make sure the Police provide value for money and I can make sure that local policing reflects local needs.

 I have a background in finance having trained as an economist and worked at a senior level for three major UK companies. I can manage large budgets and ensure that taxpayers get value for money.

 My top four priorities are:

 1.      Stopping young people from getting involved in crime in the first place.  Locally I have worked with young people to establish what they want and organised local authorities to provide it. We have renovated every play area, built a skate park, improved the Youth Club and operated zero-tolerance to graffiti and vandalism. This has worked in reducing anti-social behaviour.  

 2.      Introducing effective Restorative Justice to stop first-time offenders ending up as life-long criminals.  We must punish first-time offenders in a way that stops them from re-offending. I want to make criminals apologise to their victims and get them working to repair the damage they have done. This is far harder and leads to less re-offending. 

 3.      Listening to the needs of local communities and ensuring that the Police share these priorities. I recognise that we can have no one-size-fits-all policing. What I will do is listen to the needs of each and every area and ensure that the right levels and style of policing is provided in each area.

 4.      Making our roads safer by introducing 20 mph zones in residential areas and villages where local residents want them.

 Prepared by Claire Halliwell on behalf of Andy Canning (Liberal Democrat) all at Flat 6,22 Park Lane, Wimborne

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