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Police and crime commissioners

Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

Cleo Alberta Lake

I am a brave, determined, caring woman who is committed to listening, action, cohesion and justice. ‘With communities for communities’ is my simple and sincere pledge.

I am Bristol born with family connections in Somerset and have over two decades of community development and political experience. I have been an elected Councillor in Bristol since 2016, and was Lord Mayor of Bristol 2018/19.

My highlight in local government has been my service with Avon Fire Authority, chairing the Diversity Inclusion Cohesion and Equalities Committee from its inception in 2017. As such, I have first hand experience of supporting and positively scrutinising a major institutional culture change.

If elected as your Police and Crime Commissioner for Avon & Somerset I will:

  • Appoint a Deputy experienced in delivering systemic change and budget scrutiny, ensuring systemic reform and value for money
  • Have a ‘prevention’ approach to crime – allocating budgets towards interventions
  • Improve diversity and gender balance
  • Support victims
  • Reduce the use of Stop and Search, in part through developing new guidelines regarding the easing of policing of personal drug use
  • Complete setting up the Ethics Committee and support their work
  • Ensure our police force recognise the widespread nature of covert racism in society as a whole and take steps to reduce this
  • Work with the Police Federation to listen to the concerns of police officers, and with unions to listen to the concerns of civilian employees
  • Authorise a cultural survey to assess racism, sexism, bullying and any other systemic problems within our police force
  • Empower the Independent Advisory Groups and create an IAG led by young people
  • Require senior commanders to give a monthly verbal update at public meetings in each local or district authority area

                    Prepared by Bryher Bloor, Election Agent, 33 Ambrose Road, Bristol, BS8 4RJ

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