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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

Paul Crossley

Cutting crime and protecting frontline policing in Avon & Somerset

My top priorities to make us safe:

  • Safeguard frontline policing
  • Cut re-offending
  • Improve detection rates and provide closure for victims

Police officers have a tough job and need more support. We need to free up the police to spend less time with bureaucracy and in offices and have more time in our communities. A significant amount of police time is taken up with people with mental health issues who need other help. We all need to work together to ensure anyone experiencing a mental health crisis is not caught up in the criminal system. We must allow our police to concentrate on solving and stopping crime.

I’ll also make sure we do more to cut re-offending.

Focusing on rehabilitation and restorative justice cuts crime, saves police time and taxpayers’ money.

In addition, more needs to be done to stop people becoming criminals in the first place. We need to identify and support at-risk teenagers and young adults before they fall into a life of crime.

I have been the Leader of Bath and North East Somerset Council for 9 years and understand how to ensure large public bodies and other agencies work together in the most effective way. As a Councillor for 25 years I know what it takes to keep people on the straight and narrow.

I’ll use that experience to ensure we’re doing all we can to tackle the causes of crime in our communities.

With your support on May 5th I’ll make sure we have an effective and focussed police force that will help keep you, your family and local community safe.

Prepared by William Hobhouse, election agent of Paul Crossley, 11 Longmead Terrace, Bath, BA2 3WN

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