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Police and crime commissioners

Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

Rupert Moss-Eccardt

Reducing crime

Other parties focus on arrests and enforcement. I will focus on reducing crime in the first place. We can cut crime more effectively by doing what consistent research evidence shows works best. I will therefore put more resources into:

  • preventing first-time offenders from going on to reoffend;
  • helping recently-released prisoners who want to go straight and stay out of trouble;
  • focusing attention on offenders who don’t want to give up their life of crime.


Working with first-time offenders is the most effective approach. Proven techniques, such as restorative justice which forces offenders to confront the impact of their crimes, can turn many more people away from crime for good. Research evidence shows this works best if done by uniformed police officers.


Accessible and effective

As your Police & Crime Commissioner, I will

  • ensure the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough force becomes a leader in best practice and effectiveness so we all benefit;
  • strengthen trust in the police by increasing openness and transparency;
  • set policing priorities for each urban and rural area locally and in public, with the involvement of the community and its leaders;
  • protect the principles of neighbourhood and community policing.


I grew up in the Fens, have lived and worked in Cambridge, and now live in Queen Adelaide near Ely, so I understand the different police and crime issues across Cambridgeshire, essential knowledge for being Commissioner.


I am a policing and security professional. I helped establish the National Centre for Policing Excellence, and consider it a privilege to work with the police services, alongside enthusiastic and dedicated staff.


Being Police & Crime Commissioner is a more than full-time job. If elected as your Commissioner I will undertake no other employment.


Prepared by David Wright, 119 High Street, Sutton, Ely, CB6 2NW


Other candidates in Cambridgeshire

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