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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.


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Dai Liyanage MBE

Election statement:

Policing and tackling crime in Kent and Medway is far too important to be left at the mercy of party hacks; control of the resources must be in the hands of a truly independent leader because this person will be accountable to the local community.

I have the background and drive to fulfil those tasks. For the past thirty years I have dedicated myself to public service both as a senior officer and elected member in local government. I have both the experience and the skills to identify what’s wrong and put it right.

My nominated Deputy, John Dalley, is an accountant of 40 years’ experience. Together, we will spend public money where it’s needed most – the front line of policing.

We will also strengthen the effective ways in which the community can play their part, like Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers, Victim Support and special constables.

We will contact ALL victims of crime to put their minds at ease to enable them to regain their confidence in the community.

To be fully effective in prevention & detection of crime and anti social behaviour, we must have the right tools to aid efficiency by maximising the use of social media and smart technology. Most of my salary will be allocated to developing this aspect of technology.

The police service of which we can be proud will be one that is in tune with the people it serves.  For this reason, we will strengthen the bonds between officers and the local public.

November 15th is an opportunity for every elector in our area.  For the first time, they can take control of the single most important agency that helps bring peace and peace of mind to us all.

Remember: You and Dai Together

Prepared by Brian Buultjens 1 Milner Road Gillingham

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