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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.


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Farooq Mohammed

Election statement:


I believe the Commissioner role deserves a new kind of candidate, someone who is genuinely independent with the energy and vision to both support and challenge the police to ensure a safer community for all.

This requires a fresh new approach to break down barriers and act as a catalyst to bring together the police, public, voluntary and other agencies to rebuild the confidence that has been lost.

It is in that spirit that I stand for election, not as a professional politician but a ‘community champion’ with no personal or political agenda.  A 20-year management and business career has given me the skills and experience which I believe are invaluable when striving to improve efficiency through effective management of budgets, staff and processes.

My views on this new role have been shaped partly by my own values and also by the feedback I have gathered through reaching out to people around the county, who share the same concerns: public engagement, police visibility, putting the victim first, reducing public nuisance and zero tolerance.

In response to those concerns my campaign is based on four simple all-inclusive principles:

Transparency… keep the public informed and involved, hold the police to account for their actions

Independence…  represent the police and community without bias, not be distracted by outside influences

Public engagement… facilitate two-way communication to build trust between the police and the communities they serve

Social cohesion… allocate adequate resource without prejudice and based on need, to enable the police to reduce crime

I believe in ‘co-operation not confrontation’ but be assured I will not shy away from difficult decisions if the need arises. You can count on my support – I hope I can count on yours. Thank you.

Prepared by election agent Tony Gardiner 12 Brickberry Close, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough PE7 8AR

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01733 567444 / 07771 747666