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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

Adrian (Stratts) Stratton

I am Adrian STRATTON, known to most as Stratts and I would like to win your vote as an INDEPENDENT candidate in the Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner election.

I retired from the Gloucestershire Constabulary in 2017 after serving 30 years at the front end of Policing. I worked towards preventing crimes but when these occurred, I was a committed officer and always worked towards a conviction. Supporting the victims of crime was an essential part of my remit and I would do my best to help them achieve the closure they needed.

I received seven Judges and Chief Constable commendations for the thoroughness of my investigations and my commitment to protecting the public.

Retirement has given me a different perspective on the Force.

I have seen a lack of communication between the Police Force and the general public when reporting a crime or an unlawful incident.

I have seen the Public frustration when habitual offenders walk free and law-abiding citizens are fearful of walking down the street because of harassment, abuse or anti-social behaviour. I have listened to people who do not report these incidents as they feel ‘nothing will be done’ or ‘the Police are too busy’.

I will not make promises I cannot keep. I will prioritise looking into the spending of public funds, review the channels of communication between the Police and the general public. I want to ensure the basics of Policing are carried out efficiently and to be best of the Forces ability.

I will endeavour to ensure residents have my full support and I will use my position to improve policing within the existing budget.

If elected I want to make Gloucestershire a better and safer place for everyone.

Prepared by Adrian (Stratts) STRATTON, 28 Church Street. GLOS GL5 1JL

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