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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.


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The British Freedom Party

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Kevin Carroll

Election statement:

I’m not just another career politician chasing a job vacancy. I’m Luton born and bred, fiercely proud of my home town and county and determined that Bedfordshire should get the best policing in Britain.

A devoted father, full-time carpenter, keen amateur sportsman and community activist, I understand the devastation that crime and antisocial behaviour can bring to individuals, families and communities.

I am dedicated to fighting crime and extremism, building trust between police and local people and restoring harmony to a county that has been damaged by community tensions.

I believe it’s time to stop being soft on criminals and troublemakers. I intend to make Bedfordshire a place where criminals truly fear the consequences of crime; a place where women, children, the elderly and vulnerable feel safe by day and by night.

My policing priorities

• Zero tolerance for extremist and terrorist activity in Bedfordshire

• Zero tolerance for possession of knives and other weapons

• Decisive measures to cut drug-dealing and drug-related offences

• Putting victims’ rights before criminals’

• Zero tolerance for antisocial behaviour

• Firm measures to protect children from dangerous drivers

• An end to so-called ‘honour’ crimes

• An end to politically correct policing.

I pledge to fight crime fearlessly and to make the hard decisions needed to improve Bedfordshire policing in a time of budget cuts.

If you want tough action on crime, extremism and antisocial behaviour; if you want more police officers on the beat in your neighbourhood; if you want less red tape and more catching criminals, vote Kevin Carroll on 15th November.

Vote Kevin Carroll – the people’s candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner!

Prepared by: Simon Bennett, 15 Mount Camel, Camelford, Cornwall, PL32 9UW.

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