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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.


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Zero Tolerance Policing ex Chief

Force area:

Kevin Hurley

Election statement:

With thirty years Police Experience, much at senior level and forty years as a Reservist Army Officer, I’ve seen a bit; confronting drunken hooligans, investigating murders, managing a multi-million pound policing budget, leading thousands of staff or rebuilding Policing in Iraq.

I’ve listened to residents over the years, that’s why I will:

Take a Zero Tolerance Policing Approach

Leading a relentless focus on those who blight our lives: Anti-Social Louts, Burglars and those dealing Drugs to our young. We will seize the profits of their crime to pay for:

Visible street policing; I’ll use my experience to save on office roles, paying for officers on the street.

Putting victims at the centre of the Criminal Justice system;

I’ll ensure that victims have a quality service from reporting a crime to giving evidence. The professionals in the Courts and Police work for you, sometimes they forget that.

Giving you the opportunity to have a greater say in how your streets are policed;

I’ll set up local policing boards to bring officers closer to neighbourhoods. You will be able to participate and have your views heard.

Protecting your local policing;

I’ll work with Police Chiefs improving the morale and ethos of service of your officers. I’ll do this by supporting them against unreasonable criticism and ensuring their efforts are valued. We cannot expect officers to take on criminals unless we back them.

Uncompromising in the standards you expect from your police;

With support comes an expectation that your police deliver a quality service. I will expect the chiefs to inspire their staff and unlock their passion to deliver a professional, courteous and positive approach. You pay for it; you have a right to expect it.

This statement prepared by Kevin Hurley Candidate/Agent: Zero Tolerance Policing, PO Box 479, Esher, KT10 1EN

Contact: www.Kevinhurley4pcc.co.uk