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Police and crime commissioners

Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

Dr James Moore

The Local Choice Who Works for You

Dr. James Moore has lived in Leicestershire and Rutland for much of his life. He was educated at John Cleveland College, Hinckley and Christ Church, Oxford.  He has served as a member of Liberal Democrat controlled Hinckley and Bosworth Borough council, and currently works for the University of Leicester.

Liberal Democrat Priorities – Keeping Streets and Communities Safe

Leicestershire’s Liberal Democrat councils work with the police all-year-round to protect the community. As your Police Commissioner, James Moore will fight to:

  • Reverse Labour and Conservative cuts to local policing
  • Extend community policing with more visible community patrols
  • Introduce a ‘Street Safe’ initiative to reduce the fear of street violence
  • Improve street lighting in high crime areas
  • Tackle dangerous driving and speeding
  • Adopt a more preventative and proactive approach towards domestic violence
  • Tackle burglary and develop new burglary prevention schemes
  • Enhance efforts to tackle drug crime and county lines gangs
  • Develop more community neighbourhood watch and crime prevention initiatives
  • Provide better support to victims of crime

Supporting the Police –Listening to the Community

A Liberal Democrat Police Commissioner will work closely and constructively with the Chief Constable to improve local policing. James Moore will ensure communities have a direct say in local policing and crime prevention. When things go wrong, he will work hard to support the police to put things right.

More Police – Not More Politicians

The Liberal Democrats believe that the Police Commissioner’s office costs are far too high. James Moore will cut the cost of bureaucracy and reduce the number of paid advisors to a minimum. Liberal Democrats want to see more police, not more politicians and political advisors.


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Prepared by Cllr Stuart Bray, 26 Netherley Court, Hinckley. LE10 0RN

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