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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.


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Liberal Democrat

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Nick O'Shea

Election statement:

Most candidates talk about catching more criminals, having more police on the beat and supporting victims, but without saying how these are possible with shrinking resources.

Some talk about punitive punishments, zero tolerance and having meaningless statistical performance targets without telling you we know these do not work.

Several also talk about working with other forces to catch international gangs and drug dealers but do not support Nick’s call to retain EU-wide cooperation arrangements including European Arrest Warrants.

But Nick O’Shea is different.

As a successful businessman, he knows how to get the most for every pound, stop wasteful spending and make sure people do their jobs effectively and efficiently.
As a former local councillor, he will seek your views on policing and crime to ensure the objectives he gives the police reflect what you want and expect from them.

Nick will:

  • focus on developing neighbourhood policing because it works, it means more officers on the street, it reduces crime and it helps catch criminals.
  • ensure victims and witnesses get the help, support and protection they need through statutory and voluntary agencies at minimal cost to the police budget.
  • aim to reduce re-offending by ensuring prisoners understand the damage they have done to their victims, face them and then help to put things right for them. In return offenders will be helped with rehabilitation, receiving basic reading and numeracy training, drug and alcohol counselling where appropriate, so that when they are released, they have a better chance of somewhere to live and a job so they don’t return to crime.

He will work with the Surrey Police, local councils, statutory and voluntary agencies to ensure each plays its full part in making Surrey Safe.

Prepared by Mike Simpson, Agent, 38a Searchwood Road, Warlingham, CR6 9BA.

Contact: http://nickoshea.focusteam.org.uk/

Phone: 01306 875886