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Police and crime commissioners

Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

Stephen Howley

I, Stephen Howley, am a York Firefighter and leader of the Fire Brigades Union in North Yorkshire I need your help to stop the needless cuts to your local police service.
As a Frontline Firefighter I have first-hand experience how the cuts to frontline emergency services are having a detrimental impact on the quality of service provided to the communities of North Yorkshire.
I have witnessed first-hand how the views of the Public get ignored by key decision makers.
None of this is acceptable to me, this is why I’m standing for the office of Police and Crime Commissioner. The people of North Yorkshire deserve a strong and determined voice who will deliver an effectively resourced police force, there to protect you and your family.
I believe the Government and PCC should cut crime, not the police. I will protect and improve the frontline making sure our police are equipped with the resources they need to fight crime in a vast, rural county such as ours in the 21st Century.
I have a track record of successfully campaigning for the best for the people I represent.
I am not a career politician with protecting and providing the best possible Police Service my only motivation.
I am the candidate with a proven track record of defending your emergency services.
I have first-hand knowledge of how the cuts have brought our emergency services to breaking point.
I am not just the Labour candidate, I am the voice from the frontline someone who will genuinely fight for your frontline emergency services.
Please vote on the 5th of May and help me deliver a more effectively resourced police service, help me CUT CRIME NOT POLICE.
Prepared by Ian Panter election agent on behalf of Steve Howley both at Holgate Rd, York, YO73AD

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