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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.


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Richard Hibbs


Force area:
North Wales

Richard Antony Bruce Hibbs

Election statement:

Britain has the finest police in the world, but it no longer feels like it. Everywhere there is a growing realisation that today’s politicians cannot solve the problems that young people growing up in our communities face. Crime still produces a mixture of fear, anger and disgust.  But these have become the same emotions that the police response (or perceived lack of it) provokes in us:

  1. Too often the police arrive too late or not at all, as a result of a basic mismatch between supply and demand on the ground.
  2. Policing is no longer responsive to local needs.  Strategically, it has been hijacked by political parties, inappropriate use of technology and a breakdown in the presumption of innocence. 
  3. The original ethos of policing has been replaced by a bureaucratic obsession with risk.

Rather than hold the force to account for this triple-whammy, North Wales Police Authority has made whopping excuses for a range of fundamentally unproductive working practices.

Less than half of people affected are satisfied with the police response to Anti-Social Behaviour in North Wales, which is significantly worse than in other forces.  Yet the police underspent their own front line budget by £8 million last year!  North Wales Police has the highest Police Precept of any police force outside London and cash reserves of £40 million.  Is it a police force or a bank?

We need zero tolerance on drugs, police stations where WE want them, and a £20 rebate.

Richard Hibbs  the only candidate prepared to tell the truth about the consequences of police action – and inaction!  So join him and send a message to the Chief Constable – vote for RICHARD HIBBS!

Prepared by Bill Brereton on behalf of Richard Hibbs [INDEPENDENT] at Glan Aber, Ffordd y Pentre, Nercwys, CH7 4EL

Web      : www.independents4pcc.org
Tel         : 07564 209799
Twitter : Richard4PCC