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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.


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English Democrats - "More Police - Catching Criminals!"

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Steve Uncles

Election statement:

The Kent Police Commissioner replaces the ineffective Kent Police Authority.

As elected Kent Police Commissioner, I’d be directly responsible for the hiring and firing of the Kent Chief Constable, and by voting for me, you give me the mandate to put in place the following  Kent Manifesto items for Policing in addition to the English Democrats National Manifesto:-

  •  “Benefit of the doubt policing” – in an incident, where in defence of Home, Family or Property an individual, may have technically committed a crime,  Kent Police will be directed to give these individuals the “benefit of the doubt” as defending your family and home against criminals in not a crime!
  • Organised and career criminals will be relentlessly pursued by Kent Police, until they either reform, or remove themselves physically from Kent to continue their trade elsewhere.
  • Kent Police should receive funding per head of population at least equivalent to the average funding level of those police forces in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  The UK Government currently wishes to cut Kent Police by 500 staff.
  • Kent will be declared a “Drug Free Zone” there will be zero tolerance to the illegal taking or possession of drugs in Kent, this to include all illegal drugs “Soft and Hard”.
  • Fixed Police speeding cameras will be removed or decommissioned .
  • The “Politically Correct” culture, will not be tolerated in the Kent Police, with a view to returning policing to “common sense” values, treating all the people of Kent in an equal and fair manner, and not special treatment for minorities.
  • Ending “Plastic Police in Kent” – (Police Community Support Officers),  and active recruitment of Special Constables with full police powers, embedded in Kent Society, (Schools, Hospitals, Security Guards) – Special Constables to be given an allowance.

Prepared by Mike Walters 54 Stour Close, Rochester, Kent, ME2 3JY


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